Buying European Property Guides  
   Non EU     Andorra   Comprehensive guide to buying in this tiny country.

      Austria    Guidance upon the buying process and finance in Austria. 

      Belgium    A comprehensive guide to buying, Legal procedures and Taxes.

      Bulgaria    A guide to buying and renting out, this profitable but very volatile property market.

Non EU

  Croatia  A guide to buying in this emerging EU candidate country

      Cyprus    A guide to the legal and financial complexities plus what sharp practices to look for.

      Czech Republic Comprehensive property guide to purchasing procedure in this emerging new country.

      Denmark    A guide to buying in the restrictive Danish market.

      Estonia    Comprehensive property purchase information on procedure, costs, fees and rental market.

      Finland   A guide to the reasonably straightforward Finnish market, including legal,. financial and taxes.

      France      All you need to know about buying, Legal procedures, Fees and taxes.

      Germany    A guide to the German property market and the legal and financial procedures involved.

   Non EU      Gibraltar    A guide to the residency, legal, financial and taxation rules applicable to this small country 

      Greece    A guide to the unusual Greek market, legal, financial and taxation.

      Hungary    A fully comprehensive guide of the legal documents and process, fee's cost, taxes.

   Non EU       Iceland    A guide to the financial crisis and the resulting property bargains plus the legal process.

      Ireland    A guide to the legalities of the buying and rental market in Ireland, including fees and taxes.

      Italy    A guide to the buying and selling process including legal and taxation costs and fees.

      Latvia Comprehensive guide to buying, renting, taxes and fees.

   Non EU       Liechtenstein    A guide to this small but restrictive property market.

      Lithuania  A guide to this volatile and changeable market.

      Luxembourg    A guide to Buying Property in a Nation of Renters.

      Malta    A guide to the buying process and the legal restrictions imposed.

      Netherlands    A guide to the legal and financial process of buying and selling.

   Non EU      Norway  Comprehensive information to the simple buying and selling process plus costs and taxes.

      Poland    A guide to the complexities of buying property in this emerging market.

      Portugal    A guide to the legal complexities and the cost's, fees and taxes involved with buying property.

       Romania   A comprehensive guide to the difficulties of buying in this new and emerging market.

      Slovakia  A guide to the relatively simple buying process in this new EU country with potential.

      Slovenia   A guide to the process and legalities of buying in this new EU country.

      Spain     A guide to the legal, financial and general buying process including translation.

      Sweden  A guide to the simple property buying process plus fees and taxes.

   Non EU       Switzerland    A guide to the red tape and legalities of the difficult Swiss Property Market.

      United Kingdom A comprehensive guide to buying, cost/fees, and the separate system in Scotland.


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 Disclaimer: These guides are for information only and should not be relied upon as definitive. Details have been obtained from various sources and although we have done everything possible to ensure that they are correct, we cannot accept responsibility for it or guarantee its accuracy. This is because processes and laws change frequently, and may also vary dependant upon personal circumstances. You are welcome to use the information provided, but should always obtain confirmation of specific details and get independent specialist and legal advice in the country that the information refers to.