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 The secrets of selling your Property quickly for cash  Essential reading for those considering a quick cash sale.  
 Repossession Guide          Essential reading for those who may be facing repossession, lists the legal and court process.  
 Home Information Packs (HIP’s) have been suspendedThe Government has announced with immediate effect from 21 May 2010

 Energy Performance Certificates. You now need a certificate before you sell or rent your property. Full details.  
 What is a Lease Option?     A combination or a “lease” and an “option. Useful if little or no equity.

 Property Terms Explained. (England & Wales)  A full list of that confusing legal jargon and what it means in plain English.

 Loan & Mortgage Terms Explained    A comprehensive list of what these terms mean in plain English.

 How to Get Onto the Property Ladder Now     A FREE report for prospective Tenant/buyers from rent2buyonline  
 Landlords Eviction Procedures (England & Wales). A Guide to section 8 and Section 21 procedures.  
 The Repossession Procedure in Scotland. Essential reading for anyone facing repossession north of the border.  
 Fire & Furnishing Regulations                  Landlords responsibilities and compliance with tenanted property.


 Safety in Tenanted Property                  Landlords responsibilities and penalties for non-compliance

 Market Valuation tips and advice            Useful information on how to obtain your market valuation like the surveyors do

 Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Regulation 1994  Source, Scope and penalties.

 Guides to Buying Property in individual European Countries.

 Guides to Buying Property in non European Countries Worldwide. Added to on a regular basis.