The Fire & Furnishing Regulations 1988

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Landlords: It is an offence for landlords to provide furniture in a property that is let to tenants which does not comply with the Fire Resistance Requirements that are contained in the Furniture and Fittings (Fire Safety Amendments) Regulations 1988 (amended 1993).

However in the regulations furniture supplied to an existing tenant in a property let prior to 1st March 1993 could continue to be used until 31st December 1996 whether or not there was a change of tenant/s.

After the 1st of January 1997 all furniture whether old or new, or which was not previously included in the tenancy must comply with the regulations.

The regulations apply to all upholstery and upholstered furnishings, loose fittings and permanent or loose covers.

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Exclusion: The regulations do not apply to furniture manufactured before 1st January 1950. The reason for this is that apparently the defective materials, which cause fire, were not in use prior to 1950. This therefore exempts “period” or “antique furniture.

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